Save Today. Sleep Tonight.

At Mark’s Mattress Direct, we provide high-quality, restorative sleep at a price that fits your budget. Why are our prices so low?

Because we buy direct from the manufacturer and then pass the savings on to you. No middleman. No mark ups. No reason not to shop at Mark’s Mattress Direct.

So if you’re looking for a quality mattress at an unbeatable price, stop by a small store that will sell you a great mattress set for less than the big boys!
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Browse through our many mattress brands and look through our discount mattresses. Stop on by and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect mattress!

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We buy directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to you! We carry a large variety of discount mattresses at our mattress store on Northland Drive in Grand Rapids, MI. With our discount prices and selection of different brands of mattresses to fit your sleeping needs and comfort, there’s no reason not to look for your next mattress at Mark’s Mattress Direct.

From plush, firm, pillow top and amazing cool gel memory foam, we have a bed you can dream on for a long time. We carry a full lineup of mattresses from Corsicana, Clare Bedding and Englander. We also have accessories you need to complete your bed set. We have great pillows, frames, headboards and toppers – you name it and we have it at discount prices.

We also offer same-day delivery service. Pick out your mattress in the morning and dream on it tonight!  Spend $599 or more and we will deliver for free.  For purchases less than $599, we charge $50 for delivery here in the metro Grand Rapids area.  We’re open Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday noon to 4 p.m.

At Mark’s, we stock what we sell. Whether you’re looking for king size, queen size, full size or even twin, we have it here at the store for you. Don’t wait until tomorrow or next week for you new bedding set. Get it today at Mark’s Mattress Direct. Want it today but can’t carry it home in your vehicle? We’ll deliver your new bedding set for you the same day!

Our Mattress Firm

There are many mattress stores in Grand Rapids to choose from. Why choose Mark’s? First, we’re small and local. While the big chain stores have commissioned salespeople who might not have your best interest in mind, we don’t work on commission. We work on what works for you. Want a king size mattress but only have $800 to spend? We’ll show you our kings in that price range. Second, our overhead is just a fraction of our competitors. We don’t spend millions of dollars on TV and radio ads. Those advertising dollars spent go right into the sales price of the mattress. The prices of our bedding sets are unbeatable! In addition to our lower overhead and lower prices, being a small mattress store means you get better service. Most times you’re dealing with Mark, the owner. I want to make sure that each and every customer is completely satisfied with the experience here at my store.

Bedding Sets

Don’t want to be pressured by a salesperson? At Mark’s, we are never going to pressure you to buy your new bedding sets from us. Our prices and service are unbeatable. If you want to shop around and see what else is out there, we encourage it. You won’t find better deals anywhere. Whether it’s king size, queen size, full size or twin size, our prices in each and every category are untouchable. Want a queen size set but only have $300 or $400 to spend. No problem. We have several options in that price range. Want a full size set for under $299? No problem. We have three different choices in stock under $299. Or perhaps you want something more expensive for yourself. We have top-of-the-line sets from Serta and Englander too.

There are many mattress stores in Grand Rapids to choose from. Stop into a small friendly place that will give you an unbeatable deal and great service. Save today. Sleep tonight!