The Atlantis is the nicest E-hotel mattress we have in our store. Of course it’s 2-sided and flippable. This mattress is firm but not super firm. It’s probably a three on a scale of one to ten. It’s constructed with an 864-pocketed coil innerspring that is foam-encased. The coils are also posturized so there are more of them in the center of the mattress. If you’re looking for a super nice firm mattress that is built to last, the Atlantis is the perfect choice. It’s constructed with 1.5 inches of Regular Poly on the deck and then an inch of Latex foam. An additional 2 inches of Firm polyfoam in the panel quilt give this mattress it’s luxury firm feel. The mattress is 16 inches thick and comes with a 15/10 warranty (first 10 years non-prorated.


Twin set: $799    Full set: $899    Queen Set: $999    King set: $1299