Back pain is a very common problem for many American adults. The American Chiropractic Association reports that 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain. Half of all working adults report experiencing back pain each year and it is the single leading cause for disability worldwide.

How Can You Avoid Back Injury?

Since the back is one of the weakest points of the body and prone to injury, it is important to protect it during regular activities. Many Americans provoke their backs without even realizing it. Some of the most precarious times for your back include sleeping, working at a desk and doing odd chores around the home.


Sleeping on your back or side is best for your back. The right mattress is also important for keeping your back free from strain while you sleep. The night time is one of the few times your body can fully relax and allow self-healing to occur. Many people visit chiropractors and massage therapists to get the kind of relaxation that a good night’s sleep can provide. As your Grand Rapids mattress company, we can help you find the mattress that is just right for you.


It might not come as a shock that many labor-intensive jobs are strenuous on your back, but most don’t consider office work a threat. Poor ergonomics is common in the office place and the wrong posture for hours at a time can cause severe back spasms, shoulder strain, neck irritation and headaches. Getting a chair that is the right height, sitting with a straight back and keeping your joints at 90 degree angles is important for allowing your body to stay relaxed and not strain any muscles.

Household Chores

Lifting anything heavy should always be done from your legs while your back is kept straight. Some chores, like shoveling snow during the winter or push mowing grass during the summer, are very labor-intensive jobs and often not considered a danger to your back when they really should be. Take frequent breaks whenever you are doing any task that causes you to breath hard or break a sweat. Don’t push your back beyond it’s normal load or you might end up with debilitating spasms the next day.

When it comes to your back, it is better safe than sorry. Once a back is thrown out, it has a tendency for re-injury. For more information about how a great mattress can help you relax at night, call us or stop by Mark’s Mattress Direct.