Crying, fussing and restless babies or toddlers can have you out of your mind with frustration and sleep deprivation. Books, websites and friends will offer you all kinds of advice for getting your children to sleep through the night.

Parents Need Rest Too

With so much focus placed on getting your baby to sleep, the parent’s rest is often ignored as a last priority. However, the CDC reported in 2009 that nearly half of all American adults nod off accidentally at least once a month and over 5% of adults between the ages of 18-55 nodded off while driving.

A lack of sleep can lead to brain damage and poor judgment when sustained for long periods of time. Instead of your body and mind having time to heal at night, they are kept in a constant state of overuse and tension. A lack of sleep is dangerous for both you and the children you are caring for.

Tips for Getting Sleep (Even When the Little One Isn’t)

Nap whenever your child naps. Small children require more sleep than adults, so getting sleep whenever your child does will help you get enough. This is especially important during the first few weeks as your body heals and you adjust to a new baby. Don’t wait until you are past exhausted and emotionally spent, sleep whenever you have the opportunity and you will be more prepared for when you don’t.

Accept help. Don’t try to do everything on your own. Allow your friends and family to do chores around the house, cook meals and feed the baby so that you can get longer periods of rest without stressing about the small things.

Go to bed when your kids do. Don’t spend time doing chores around the house when the kids are asleep if you aren’t getting enough rest. It might be hard to sleep as soon as the kids, but it is important to get sleep when they do so you are able to wake up when they do.

Prepare your environment. Make your room a comfortable and clean space that invites a relaxing state of sleepiness. You might already have the perfect chair for feeding your baby at night, but a new mattress can do wonders for your rest and is often not considered in the planning phase for the arrival of the new baby.

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