Mattress needs vary a lot depending on the person. Some are more comfortable on a softer mattress, others like things a little more firm. Today there are more choices than ever with some of the more popular being the innerspring mattress, memory foam, and air mattresses. In order to decide which is best, it’s important to look beyond how comfortable you may or may not be when you first sit or lie down on the mattress. Some medical conditions can play a role in what kind of mattress or bed you choose to buy. Mattress buying is also not necessarily a solitary experience, and in many cases each person using the mattress may have different needs when it comes to support. The best mattress in Grand Rapids will ultimately be the one that allows everyone a good night’s sleep and a pain-free morning. At Mark’s Mattress Direct, we’re committed to helping you find the mattress that will do just that.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses have been around for quite a while, and there has been a good deal of technology and research involved in order to make them last longer and be more comfortable. The support comes primarily from coil springs.  There are pocketed coils, foam-encased coils and of course the traditional innerspring design that has been around for decades.   Each coil design has it’s features and benefits and one isn’t necessarily superior to the other.

Many people feel better about the support they provide in comparison with memory foam, latex, or air mattresses. For a person who is carrying extra weight, the extra support provides the sense of stability they need. Those with back pain often do better with a firmer innerspring mattress.  Many innerspring mattresses are more than meets the eye.   Pillow tops are often added and are good for people who like a softer feel initially, but ultimately need support.  They may also be covered with a layer of memory foam that will contour to each person’s needs, allowing both to stay comfortable.

Memory Foam

When memory foam first came out it was widely thought of as being very luxurious.   Today it can be found in many things other than mattresses.  Everything from shoe liners to bath mats now often contain it.  Memory foam mattresses aren’t as expensive as they were when they first came out, and they too have improved. The idea of a mattress contouring itself to the user has been appealing, but the earlier models and some less sophisticated current models hold onto a lot of body heat.  While this is nice in the winter it’s often not so much in the summer. Newer models such as those that feature Serta’s Cool ActionTMDual Effects ® Gel Memory Foam are designed to help regulate the temperature of the mattress. People who suffer from chronic fatigue or other muscle pain often benefit from memory foam mattresses because there is less problems with pressure points.

Memory foam, and latex foam mattresses are often the choice for those who need an adjustable bed since they bend more easily than innersprings. Adjustable beds are good for those who like to sit up and read or watch television in bed, or for people with sleep apnea or digestive problems who need to sleep slightly upright.

At Mark’s Mattress Direct we carry a wide variety of innerspring and memory foam mattresses as well as some models that use both materials to provide even more options within the same bed. In addition to Serta, we also carry reputable brands such as Restonic, Englander, Corsicana, as well as Clare Bedding. We’re also knowledgeable about not only the mattresses, but the various accessories that help to make the bed complete.