Finding ways to save money isn’t always easy. Thriftiness is a craft, and any opportunity you can find to save a little more on the things you need is a real achievement. That achievement is even bigger when shopping for an item as important as a mattress. Some people may be tempted to take someone else’s hand-me-down that they are selling really cheap or even giving away. There are a few problems with that. Usually they’re getting rid of the bed for a reason. Also, the bed has likely conformed over time to fit someone else, and you need something that’s going to be comfortable for you. Fortunately you really don’t need to go that far to find mattress specials in Grand Rapids like the ones we run at Mark’s Mattress Direct.

What to Look for in a Special

Whether you are in the market for a completely new mattress or you want to update your frame or headboard, it’s important to stay focused. You should have an idea of what you’re looking for and what will be best suited to your needs. This should be in your mind before you invest time and energy into finding mattress specials in Grand Rapids. A “special” should not make you buy something that you are not going to use.

A Revolving Special

Sometimes furniture stores try to push items out the door. Perhaps the manager or owner ordered them during a moment of poor judgment. Maybe he thought he was getting a good deal, and now he’s had second thoughts. Unless you’ve really, really, been looking for that item, don’t buy it regardless of how cheap it is.

At Mark’s Mattress Direct, you won’t have this dilemma because we run a new special each month. During one month we may select a few mattress types to promote, and offer some accessories to go along with them at no extra charge. Some of these accessories may be pillows, mattress protectors, or sheets. If you aren’t in need of what is on special during a particular month, you can wait and see what’s on sale next month. You can also look into other savings options such as our web coupons.

With our web coupons, you’ll get 10% off of whatever mattress or mattress set you choose, as long as it is priced over $599 and not part of any other special. A deal like this allows you to find what you really need instead of compromising.

Incentives to Find Referrals

Like any business, we are always trying to think of ways to get new customers in the door. We want to reward our existing customers who help us do this. If you’ve already purchased a mattress you can still save money with our referral program. If you send someone in to buy a mattress from us, we’ll send you a $25 check. You can refer multiple people, and we’ll keep cutting checks. Refer 4 people, and there’s $100 in your pocket. Your friends might not want a mattress just like yours, but they can shop our mattress brands such as Englander, Serta, Corsicana, Restonic, Clare Bedding and more. There’s a good chance your friends will be able to find what they need, and you’ll get to earn cash.