Burnaby MattressAre you on a budget? Don’t have a ton of money to spare for a new mattress but your back is screaming at you to get a new mattress? Or perhaps you have a spare bedroom that only gets used once in a while? The BURNABY is our entry-level mattress that still gives a comfortable night’s sleep at an unbeatable price. This mattress features a 390 VertiCoil innerspring unit and carries a 5-year warranty. It has a no-flip design with one inch of support foam and 1.5  inches of comfort foam. The height of this mattress is eight inches.

Twin Set: $229    Mattress only:  $159 Full Set: $269  Mattress Only: $189 Queen Set: $299  Mattress only:  $219 King Set: $449  Mattress only:  $299



Astor MattressOur most popular selling value set, this is our entry-level pillow top unit. It’s great for spare bedrooms or for those who don’t have a lot to spare but still want a comfortable mattress.  It also features a 390 VertiCoil innerspring unit and has a no-flip design. This mattress is the same as our Burnaby with an additional 1.5 inches of soft quilt pillowtop. The Astor also features a 5-year warranty and stands 9.5 inches tall.

Twin Set: $259  Mattress:  $189 Full Set: $299  Mattress:  $219 Queen Set: $349  Mattress only: $260 King Set: $499  Mattress:  $349


Marden Plush

Marden Plush MattressThe Marden Plush is a terrific value! If you’re not looking for the most basic mattress but you also don’t want to spend a fortune, this mattress is a great fit. It features a foam-encased, 390 verticoil innerspring unit with a 5-year warranty. Although the Marden is a plush design, it is a bit on the firmer side of plush. On a scale of one to ten this mattress is about a five in firmness. Layers of ultra soft comfort foam, support foam and comfort foam give this mattress its great feel. It is one of the best values we have in the store! The Marden stands about 11 inches high!

Twin Set: $399  Mattress only:  $320 Full Set: $449  Mattress only:  $360 Queen Set: $499  Mattress only: $399 King Set: $699  Mattress only:  $520


Bella Pillow Top

Bella Pillowtop MattressThe Bella Pillow Top is one of our most popular selling sets. Want something soft and luxurious but don’t want to spent $1,200? This mattress is a perfect choice. It features a 460-coil foam encased core with a 10-year warranty. The mattress stands 13.5 inches high and the pillow top itself is almost four inches thick! For those of you looking for something soft yet supportive with a great feel, the Bella Pillow Top will give you what you’re looking for. It’s no wonder why this set is one of our most popular selling beds.

Twin Set: $599  Mattress only:  $520 Full Set: $699  Mattress only:  $610 Queen Set: $799  Mattress only:  $699 King Set: $1,199  Mattress only:  $1.020


Bella Plush

Bella Plush MattressThe Bella Plush is very similar to the pillow top version of the Bella with a slightly firmer feel. For those of you looking for medium softness without the utlra soft pillow top feel, the plush version of the Bella is for you. The same 460-coil foam encased core is the base of this mattress.

It also has a 10-year warranty and stands 12 inches thick. The difference between the Bella Pillow Top and the Bella Plush is the foams and comfort layers are slightly firmer, giving it a medium-soft feel. Want a soft mattress but aren’t sure the pillow top is for you? The Bella Plush is a great fit.

Twin Set: $599  Mattress only:  $520                                           Full Set: $699  Mattress only:  $610         Queen Set: $799  Mattress only:  $699                                     King Set: $1,199  Mattress only:  $1.020 


Bella Firm

Bella Firm MattressThe Bella Firm has the same great 460-coil foam-encased core that its sister beds the plush and pillow top do. The difference with the firm version is the comfort layers use a much denser foam, giving this mattress a much firmer feel. While not rock hard, this mattress is about a four on a scale of one to ten, if one is rock hard and ten is soft as a marshmallow. This mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty and stands about 11.5 inches thick.

Twin Set: $599 Mattress only:  $520 Full Set: $699  Mattress Only:  $610 Queen Set: $799  Mattress Only:  $699 King Set: $1,199  Mattress only:  $1,020



Clare Bedding

Diplomat Firm

Diplomat Firm MattressAre you looking for a basic mattress and want it firm? This is a great choice. Our most inexpensive mattress from Clare Bedding, the Diplomat comes with a 10-year warranty and stands ten inches high. The innerspring is a 390 Bonnell unit that is quite firm. Top that with a half inch of high density firm foam and another one inch quilted cover and you have the DIPLOMAT.

Twin Set: $399 Mattress Only:  $330 Full Set: $449  Mattress only:  $360 Queen Set: $499  Mattress Only:  $410 King Set: $799  Mattress Only:  $650




Englander Mattresses



Rio Firm

Rio Plush MattressThe Rio is a luxury firm traditional style innerspring mattresses from Englander. It features a 13-gauge, 400-coil innerspring unit with strong edge supports and a 6-gauge border wire and posturized coils (more springs in the lumbar zone for extra support). What sets this Hotel Grand lineup of mattresses apart from the rest is that all of these are 2-sided mattresses that can be flipped to get a fresh side to sleep on. And they also all carry a 15-year non-prorated warranty. Each side of this mattress features a layer of high resiliancy firm foam, Dacron, and regular polyfoam. This is the firmest mattress we carry from Englander.

Twin Set: $499    Mattress only:  $430 Full Set: $599    Mattress Only:  $520 Queen Set: $699   Mattress only:  $620 King Set: $999  Mattress Only:  $850


Palms Pillowtop

Palms PillowtopThis is one of the softest and most luxurious mattresses we carry standing over 13 inches high! As with all of the Hotel Grand mattresses, the Palms is two-sided and has a standard 15-year non-prorated warranty. While most manufacturers have gotten away from having a sleeping surface on both sides of the mattress, there is no doubt that being able to flip your mattress and sleep on a fresh side gives the mattress time to recover and adds to your comfort as well as the life of the mattress. The core of the Palms is a foam-encased 650-coil innerspring that has alternating and posturized 14.5 gauge coils. Layers of HR super soft foam, regular polyfoam and Strataflex polyfoam make up the comfort layers of this mattress. If you want a soft bed that is going to last the Palms Pillowtop is a perfect choice.

Twin Set: $699  Mattress only:  $630 Full Set: $799  Mattress only:  $720 Queen Set: $899  Mattress only:  $810 King Set: $1,199  Mattress Only:  $1,050


Palms Firm

Palms Firm MattressThis is a sister mattress to the Palms Pillowtop. Everything about this mattress is the same except for the comfort layers on top are a much firmer foam and the stitching is not tack and jump but a continuous stitch that creates a much firmer feel. Of course this mattress is two-sided with a 15-year warranty. It has the same 650-coil innerspring unit and is built to last. On a scale of one to ten, ten being totally soft and one being rock hard, the Palms Firm is about a three. If you’re looking for a luxury firm mattress, this is a great choice.

Twin Set: $599    Mattress only:  $530 Full Set: $699    Mattress Only:  $620 Queen Set: $799  Mattress only:  $710 King Set: $1099  Mattress Only:  $950


Wynn Firm

wynnFirmThe Wynn Firm is the sister mattress to the Wynn Pillow Top.  The construction is virtually the same.  The same two-sided, 15 year, non-prorated warranty applies.  The same incredible 850 coil innerspring with alternating, posturized coils is inside.  This mattress also has one inch of memory foam on each side, although it is covered by two inches of super FIRM poly instead of super soft poly.  This firmer foam and a continuous stitching on the cover give this mattress a medium firm feel.  The Wynn Firm also stands 16 inches high and can be shortened in height by pairing it with a low profile five inch box instead of the standard nine inch box.    For those looking for luxury firm, you have to try this mattress!

Twin Set: $799    Mattress Only:  $730 Full Set: $899  Mattress only:  $820 Queen Set: $999  Mattress Only:  $910 King Set: $1399  Mattress Only:  $1,250


Wynn Pillow Top

wynnPillowThe Wynn model is the nicest mattress set we carry from Englander.  As part of the Hotel Grand collection this mattress is two-sided and comes with a 15-year, non-prorated warranty.  What’s inside the Wynn Pillow Top is what sets it apart.   The coils are the same alternating, posturized 14.5 gauge but instead of a 650 coil count in the queen, the Wynn goes to an incredible 850 coils!  In addition, both sides have an inch of memory foam near the top which gives the Wynn a distinct soft yet supportive feel.   While the memory foam is covered by 2.25 inches of super soft poly, you can still tell that it is there.  The Wynn is the thickest mattress we offer and stands 16 inches thick!  For those of you who want a high-profile mattress set, this one fits the bill.  Or, this set, like any we carry, is available in a low profile box foundation, which will reduce the overall height four inches.

Twin Set: $899   Mattress Only:  $830 Full Set: $999    Mattress Only:  $920 Queen Set: $1,099   Mattress only:  $1,010 King Set: $1,499   Mattress Only:  $1,350




Madison Plush

madisonPlushThe Madison is a great value mattress from Restonic.  It is two-sided and carries a 10-year, non-prorated  warranty.  At the core is a 13 gauge, 420 coil traditional innerspring unit.  This is a tried and true innerspring that holds up to the test of time.  Each side of the mattress has half an inch of visco memory foam, an inch of high-density support foam and then a two-inch tack and jump quilted cover.  The feel of the Madison is about a five on a scale of one to ten.  It’s not too soft and not too hard.  This mattress will be comfortable for most people and has a thickness of 12 inches.

Twin Set: $599  Mattress Only:  $499 Full Set: $699  Mattress Only:  $575 Queen Set: $799   Mattress Only:  $699  King Set: $1,199  Mattress only:  $999


Natural Organic Bamboo Plush

bambooPlushThe Bamboo is a “green” mattress from Restonic. When we say natural, we mean a mattress that minimizes the use of chemicals and synthetics and has fewer petroleum-based foams. All of the foams in our Restonic mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified to minimize the use of dangerous chemicals. There are no mercury, lead or heavy metals used in the foam and it’s made without PBDE’s.  The Bamboo starts with a natural insulator fiber pad topped with one inch of natural latex foam giving this set a firm and supportive center. Next there are layers of soy comfort foam and wool. The mattress is finished off with three inches of deep tack-and-jump quilted cover made of natural bamboo and cotton. The innerspring in this mattress is the 420 coil, 12.5 gauge coil that is among the best in the industry.  This mattress is also two-sided, giving you the ability to flip it and extend the life of the set. For the design, workmanship and quality of this piece, it’s a great value. As with most of our Restonic innerspring mattresses, the warranty is 15-year, non-prorated.  The height of this mattress is 14 inches.

Twin Set: $899     Mattress Only:  $799 Full Set: $999    Mattress Only:  $875 Queen Set: $1099  Mattress Only:   $950 King Set: $1499  Mattress only:  $1,299