Allergies are common problems for both adults and children alike. If you suffer from allergies, then you know the frustrating experience of itchy skin, irritated eyes and other symptoms. People who struggle with allergies often look for ways to reduce the symptoms and the particles affecting them.

Dust and Dust Mites

For people allergic to dust and dust mites, nearly every surface in the home poses a problem. Any item in the house with a fabric or porous surface can retain dust, making it difficult to rid the home of the irritating particles. Dust allergies are present year-round, but often symptoms are worse in the fall through the winter when the heat kicks on and people stay closed up indoors most of the day where dust is most prevalent.

Outdoor Allergens

Pollen and ragweed are among the most common causes for outdoor allergies. Mold, mildew, fungi and cotton are other particles that cause seasonal allergies. Outdoor allergies often show the most drastic symptoms during a specific season when the allergen particles are thickest in the air. Allergens can enter the home and linger in the rugs, curtains, carpets and beds.

Protecting Against Allergens

The most effective way to protect yourself against allergens is to keep them out of your home. Cleaning surfaces and materials that are dusty is important for keeping dust particles and outdoor allergens to a minimum. One of the hardest surfaces to thoroughly clean is your mattress, which is too deep and large to clean, but easily traps particles. Buying a new mattress and covering the entire thing with an enclosed mattress cover, designed to keep out allergens, is the best way to keep dust and outdoor pollutants out of your bed. If you are looking for the best mattress for reducing allergens in Grand Rapids, talk to us today!

Steps for preventing allergy symptoms will also include removing carpet wherever possible (especially for dust allergies), removing shoes at the door for outdoor allergies and taking showers after yard work. It might be helpful to run a humidifier by your bed at night during the driest part of the year if you are allergic to dust.

Testing for Allergies

You can visit a doctor to find out exactly what foods and particles you are allergic to. When allergens are combined, your body will suffer with even more severe symptoms. By avoiding the allergens you can and reducing contact with the rest, you can find natural relief from your allergies and avoid medications for managing the symptoms.


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