There are some places in Grand Rapids where it just seems easier to shop. It might be a large department store that’s near your home or a furniture store that you pass by on your daily commute to work. When you decide you’re in the market for a new mattress, it can be tempting to stop in to one of these locations and find whatever seems like a ‘good enough’ choice. In the moment, you may save a little time, but it’s more likely that you’ll get the mattress you really need if you shop for a mattress at an actual mattress company like Mark’s Mattress Direct.

Fewer Markups

Like any other specialty store, a mattress from a real mattress company doesn’t go through as many hands as one that is sold in a department store or furniture store. At Mark’s Mattress Direct we buy mattresses directly from the manufacturer so we’re able to offer you brand name quality at a lower price than most competitors.

Great Selection

At a department store or larger furniture store, mattresses make up a small fraction of their entire inventory. Because of this, it’s less likely that one of those stores will have just the mattress you need.  Most of what we sell is mattresses, or things that go with mattresses, such as frames, headboards, and pillows. It’s likely that you’ll be able to find something that is right for you just by testing out our existing inventory. If we don’t have what you need our direct relationships with mattress manufacturers make it easy for us to put in an order for exactly what you do want.

Knowledgeable Staff

Since our store is all about mattresses, that’s where the bulk of the staff training and experience goes. We know which people are the best candidates for pillow top mattresses. We can walk you through the pros and cons of innerspring mattresses vs. memory foam. We listen to what you tell us about your life and help you determine whether or not you want to invest in an adjustable bed. We can even help you choose the right kind of pillows.

Better Service

Having knowledge about the products you sell is a big part of providing good service, but so is having a stake in what we are doing. Since Mark’s Mattress Direct is an independent business, we have both a financial and emotional investment in what we do, which translates into better service for the customer.

As you can see, we’re serious about providing you with the very best mattress selection and service. Stop in to our store today and discover what a true mattress store like Mark’s Mattress Direct can offer you.