Typically the guest bedroom is ignored during the renovation process. Many homeowners want to focus on spaces, like the master bedroom or kitchen for renovation projects. However, the guest bedroom can be an easy update and provide a beautiful room to house guests for the night.

Changing out the Window Treatments

When’s the last time you washed the window treatments, or better yet got new ones? Yes, those dusty curtains and blinds will make your room smell old and unused. Look for window treatments that accent the walls and space, making it appear larger and matching the colors of your guest room. Look for options that let in natural light during the day, but still offer privacy and darkness for late-morning risers.

Re-Dressing the Bed

Your quilt and throw pillows will add a sophisticated look to the room. Many discount retail stores offer beautiful designer bed spread sets at a fraction of the original price. Choose a combination that makes the bed a focal point of the room, since it is one of the main reasons your guests are using the space. Consider stopping by our showroom to check out the amazing mattress specials we offer in Grand Rapids. A new mattress will really make for a comfortable night’s stay and you might need to get one for the master bedroom while you are at it!

Adding Space for Storage

A guest bedroom is a great place to store things, but don’t forget to leave space for your guests. An empty dresser drawer or two is a great way to welcome your guests in for more than just one night. You can also create excellent storage spaces in the closet, underneath the bed and by adding bedroom furniture, like dressers or wardrobes. You won’t want the space to feel over-crowded, but you will want to create a great place for storing seasonal clothing and other miscellaneous things.

Painting and Decorating

Choosing a color scheme for the guest room might depend heavily on the size of the room and the rest of your home. The color scheme for your guest room can be chosen by first picking out a favorite spread or focal piece of artwork for the room, drawing colors off of that as inspiration. The guest room should fit in with your overall design, not stick out in the home like a sore thumb. Keep the walls light and inviting for a more spacious appearance or use darker paint tones for a calm and cozy room.

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